24-7 Youth Workers at Kaipara College

Our Youth work team are part of a nation-wide youth worker programme known as 24-7 YouthWork. This was started in Christchurch in the early Nineties (officially named in 2000) and is now in over 90% of state high schools in Canterbury – 180 youth workers in 71 schools nationwide – including an ever-growing number of schools in Auckland.

Our team are focussed on working with students and staff at Kaipara College to achieve the following five key outcomes:

  • Supporting students and complementing the input of staff.
  • Building positive relationships with students and staff.
  • Cultivating school spirit.
  • Leadership development of students.
  • Integration with suitable out-of-school activities for students.


Jordan is in Kaipara College throughout the week, and can be contacted through the Kaipara College Student Centre or our Trust Director.

Each semester, OutWest Youth Community Trust completes a semester report for Kaipara College which explains in more detail what the youth workers have been getting up to within the school and our key focuses looking ahead. This is available on request.

Please don’t hesitate to wave Jordan over, to have a chat when you see him around – whether in Kaipara College or around our community. He is more than happy to answer your questions and if there is anything you think he can assist with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you would like to financially support our 24-7 Youth Workers at Kaipara College, please click here for more information.