“We love working with young people and helping them see the amazing people they already are.” Mckenzie, Youth Worker


What exactly IS Youth Work?

Youth Work is the development of a relationship between a youth worker and a young person, where the young person is empowered and supported in their holistic, positive development as rangatahi who contribute to themselves, their whānau, community and world. (adapted from Ara Taiohi Youth Work Code of Ethics, 2011)

24-7 Youth Work

“The Outwest 24-7 programme is an integral part of Kaipara College.  The team work with care, collaboration and professionalism and the students speak very highly of their interactions with them” Tracey Roberts, Kaipara College Social Worker

We have two 24-7 youth workers in Kaipara College. 24-7 is a nationwide youth work movement that embeds youth workers in schools through a partnership between the school and a local church. 

We have been working in this way at Kaipara College for more than 10 years.  These youth workers support the school community by providing one-on-one mentoring, facilitating group work, and running school-wide events.   The goal is to empower students to build their sense of identity and belonging; to develop positive connections in and outside the school; to encourage participation and the enjoyment of contributing positively to the school and the wider community around them  

Youth Service (MSD)

“I continue to be impressed with the calibre of the Outwest youth workers. In addition to mentoring students, they visit young people in their homes, run workshops and provide fun and educational activities for students at school, as well as those who have left.”  Steve McCracken, principal of Kaipara College

We are contracted by the Ministry of Social Development to work with unemployed youth, young parents, youth disengaging in education, and young people who rely on government financial assistance. Our youth workers holistically support and mentor these young people, helping them toward positive outcomes and good life choices.  They facilitate budgeting and parenting courses, and where appropriate, encourage pathways into employment, further education, and training. 

We have a network of contacts to help young people find their place in the community. If you are a local business and would like to discuss how you can support us in this way, please get in touch.

Alternative Education

“Outwest Youth were an amazing support for my son when he attended Alternative Education.  They gave him confidence to make good decisions in his education and social life, by supporting him emotionally and mentally.”  Amy Major, parent

In partnership with Kaipara College, we provide those youth aged 13 – 16, who cannot continue in mainstream schooling, with an alternative fulltime relationship-based education.   Each student at Outwest Youth works on individualised learning plans that cover the standard curriculum subjects, along with an array of hands-on learning to build self-esteem, confidence, and positive behaviour outcomes.

Heads Up Mentoring

“Outwest Youth are staffed by locals who understand the unique dynamics of our community.  This local connection increases the effectiveness of youth interventions and is essential. Lou Unkovich, Helensville Police Youth Aid Officer

Young people who come to the attention of the police often need the support of a mentor to help them fulfil requirements and sanctions imposed by the court or Youth Justice system.  Our youth workers journey with these young people, helping them to negotiate the process, to make good decisions, and to set goals that are prosocial, relevant, and achievable.

Drive Outwest

I really enjoyed the learner licence course with Outwest Youth.  It was well planned and simple.  With your help, I nailed the test with 34/35! Jessica, 16

The Outwest team helped me and everyone else in the group learn about the road code, then you took us to go and get our licences.  To be honest, I don’t think I would have got my licence right then and there if it wasn’t for you” Mania, 16

We are passionate about helping young people reach their full potential and gaining a driver’s licence is an important aspect of this. The NZ graduated licencing system takes at least 18 months, it can be expensive and rather daunting.  However, without a full licence, a young person is limited in the employment opportunities available to them.  Our Drive Outwest programme runs free learner licence courses, and provides practical support for those preparing for their restricted and full licence tests.