We love working with young people and helping them see the amazing people they already are.


24-7 Youth Workers at Kaipara College

We have two 24-7 youth workers in Kaipara College. This is a nationwide programme committed to building a healthy relationship between a local school and a local church to enable young people to thrive.

We love working with this school and are passionate about nurturing and growing each student we encounter. IF you want to know more specifics just get in touch and we can send you the semester report we produce for the school that details what we are achieving and our future goals.

Youth Service

We work with young people who have recently left school, or who are struggling to remain engaged while at school. Our youth workers provide mentoring to help the young person make good choices about their future, to support them to continue in education, training or work-based learning. We often link up them with up vocational courses or employment opportunities. At the same time, we work to address areas within their life that they are struggling with.

We have a network of contacts to help young people find their place in the community. If you are a local business and would like to discuss how you can support us in this way, please get in touch. We have previously arranged mentorships, work experience and apprenticeship.

Alternative Education

In partnership with Kaipara College, we provide those youth aged 13 – 16, who cannot continue in mainstream schooling, with an alternative fulltime relationship-based education.   Each student at Outwest Youth works on individualised learning plans that cover the standard curriculum subjects, along with an array of hands-on learning to build self-esteem, confidence, and positive behaviour outcomes.


Young people who come to the attention of the police often need the support of a mentor to help them fulfil requirements and sanctions imposed by the court or Youth Justice system.  Our youth workers journey with these young people, helping them to negotiate the process, to make good decisions, and to set goals that are prosocial, relevant and achievable.


We are passionate about helping young people reach their full potential and being gaining a driver’s licence is an important aspect of this. The NZ graduated licencing system takes at least 18 months, it can be expensive and rather daunting.  However, without a full licence, a young person is limited in the employment opportunities available to them.  Our Full@18 programme runs free learner licence courses, and provides practical support for those preparing for their restricted and full licence tests