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24-7 YouthWork

We have two 24-7 youth workers in Kaipara College. 24-7 is a nationwide youth work movement that embeds youth workers in schools through a partnership between the school and a local church.


Outwest Youth have had 24-7 youth workers at Kaipara College, supported by Kumeū Baptist Church since 2009.  These youth workers serve the school community by providing one-on-one mentoring, supporting the development of student leaders, facilitating groups, attending camps and field trips, coaching teams, and running school-wide events.   The goal is to empower students to build their sense of identity and belonging; to develop positive connections in and outside the school; to discover the enjoyment of contributing  to the school and the wider community around them.

Most years, the youth workers accompany a group of Year 10 students on a 10 day trek called THE JOURNEY that includes bike-riding, kayaking and hiking through pretty rugged terrain.   The trip provides opportunities to face personal challenges, learn new skills, have meaningful conversations as well as make lasting friendships.  Here are a few comments from some of the participants.


"The Outwest 24-7 programme is an integral part of Kaipara College.  The team work with care, collaboration and professionalism and the students speak very highly of their interactions with them."

– Tracey Roberts, Kaipara College Social Worker