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Drive Outwest

We are passionate about helping young people reach their full potential and gaining a driver’s licence is an important aspect of this.


Particularly in a rural region such as ours, a driver's licence is vital for getting to work, accessing training opportunities and participating in social and recreational activities.  For some, it is also their only proof of identification enabling them to enter into formal contracts such as a tenancy agreement.

The NZ graduated licencing system takes at least 18 months, it is expensive and can be rather daunting.  Our Drive Outwest programme works alongside youth and others in the community throughout the process.  We offer regular learner licence courses and one-on-one tuition and  we have a driving instructor on staff to provide lessons for those preparing for their restricted and full licence tests.


The Outwest team helped me and everyone else in the group learn about the road code, then you took us to go and get our licences.  To be honest, I don’t think I would have got my licence right then and there if it wasn’t for you.

Mania, 16