The Journey with 24-7 YouthWork: A Trek of Transformation

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Embarking on a 10-day adventure, Year 10 students aren’t just traversing through rugged terrains on bikes, kayaks, and tramping boots—they’re navigating their way through the complexities of friendship, self-discovery, and personal growth. This excursion, aptly named ‘THE JOURNEY,’ is a cornerstone of the 24-7 Youth Work programme.

Discovering Unseen Facets

“I loved the journey because I got to know more about mates,” says Emily, one of the participants. The trek invites not just physical challenges but also opens the gateway to deeper interpersonal connections.

“Doing everything together allowed people to show their best side as well as their grumpy side,” shares Mark, another student. By spending time in close quarters and challenging environments, the students find a safe space to be authentic.

More Than Just a Trek

“It’s not just about the physical challenges,” says Sarah, one of the youth workers accompanying the group. “It’s also about teaching them to face life’s ups and downs. About learning that it’s okay to lean on each other, to show your vulnerabilities.”

“I learned you can pick up your mates when they are down and know that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses,” echoes Jake, summarising the sentiment many felt during the trek.

The Power of Whānau

Some of the students admit that the strength of the trip lies in the group dynamics. “I liked the journey because of the people I got to hang out with,” says Lucy. For many, the trek gives them a chance to forge lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories. “I loved the journey because I learned some things about people I didn’t know,” says Zoe, adding a sense of mystery and wonder to the experience.

Not Just Fun, But Fulfilling

“The journey is hard but choice,” admits Ethan. It’s a sentiment that everyone seems to share, recognising that the trek pushes them to their limits but in a way that feels incredibly rewarding.

As the students and their youth workers reflect on the hīkoi, it’s clear that ‘THE JOURNEY’ isn’t just a trek. It’s a life-changing experience that allows them to learn more about themselves, their peers, and even life skills that go beyond the track.

For those thinking about participating next year, Sarah has one thing to say, “Prepare to be challenged, but also prepare to find parts of yourself you didn’t know existed.”