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Youth Service (MSD)

Life can sometimes be pretty complicated. Youth Service is a way to support young people facing a range of difficult circumstances, to overcome obstacles, build confidence and discover their full potential.


This programme is for youth who are:

  •       16 – 18 and can’t live with their parents or guardians.
  •       16 – 19 and are the main caregiver for a child.
  •       16 – 18 and have left/planning to leave school early without a clear pathway forward.

Each of the young people enrolled in Youth Service have their own youth coach who works individually with them to develop a tailor-made plan.  This may include helping them find training opportunities, work experience, employment and/or further education.  The coaches also help with housing, life-skills, personal development, and relationship/whānau issues.  We provide free driver licencing, budgeting and parenting courses for these young people. 

We have a network of contacts to help young people find their place in the community. If you are a local business and would like to discuss how you can support us in this way, please get in touch.


“I continue to be impressed with the calibre of the Outwest youth workers. In addition to mentoring students, they visit young people in their homes, run workshops and provide fun and educational activities for students at school, as well as those who have left.”

– Steve McCracken, Principal