Alternative Education Spotlight: Empowering Financial Independence Through Budgeting Tools

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Financial literacy is an essential skill, often overlooked in traditional educational settings. Recognising the need to empower young people with the ability to manage their money wisely, Outwest Youth, in collaboration with a local budgeting advisor, recently wrapped up another successful three-day budgeting course.

Course Highlights

The course is designed to benefit young individuals who are recipients of the Youth Benefit. During the three days, participants are taught essential budgeting skills such as planning for household expenses, managing debt, and devising a solid budget. But the learning doesn’t stop there. Students who complete the course not only gain a weekly budgeting incentive added to their benefits but also gain the ability to manage their own money, fostering a sense of financial independence.

Real-World Impact

Our most recent graduates came away from the course with not just theoretical knowledge, but practical “life hacks” for budgeting. They engaged in group discussions where they could share valuable online tools and resources, including localized social media Buy/Sell pages that serve as ‘best buy hot spots.’

“These courses do more than just teach you how to balance a budget; they empower you to take control of your financial future,” one of our recent graduates shared.

In today’s economic landscape, these skills are invaluable. By offering this budgeting course, Outwest Youth contributes to building a generation of young people who are not just financially aware but are also financially empowered.