Cracking Good Fun: 24-7 YouthWork’s School-Wide Easter Scavenger Hunt

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Keen to end the school term on a high note, our 24-7 team put their heads together with some innovative teachers and hatched a plan: an Easter Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to a generous donation of chocolate eggs from OWY, the stage was set for a cracking good time!

On the last Wednesday of the term, during interval and lunch, students flocked to five stations dotted around the school. From shooting netball hoops to serving the community by picking up rubbish, each task earned them some sweet Easter rewards. The buzz was electric—laughter, teamwork, and the spirit of giving were in the air.

The highlight? Students penning gratitude post-it notes and creating human letters on the school field, all while chomping down on chocolate eggs. Sportsmanship and comradery were the real winners of the day.

The event was a massive hit, and not a single Easter egg was left orphaned. A sweet ending to an egg-citing term, thanks to the collective efforts of students, teachers, and our 24-7 YouthWork team.