Breaking Through Anxiety: David’s Journey to Personal Growth and Success

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“David (not his real name) suffered from anxiety and stopped attending school. He lost motivation and would stay at home and even lock himself in his bedroom to avoid seeing people who were trying to support him. He was enrolled in Alternative Education but we struggled to get him started here. With perseverance and encouragement he eventually showed up for his first day. 

He enjoyed it and his confidence and motivation boosted instantly. After 2 weeks he was attending full time and after 3 weeks he was taking responsibility for himself and getting up and walking to and from school on his own. Others have said he looks and acts like a new person. 
David now fits in well with the students, has great attendance and is growing in all areas including personal goals, classroom work, physical activities and other extracurricular activities.  He displays a great sense of humour which the other students really enjoy”.

– Sam Smith, Head Tutor