Accelerating Youth Empowerment: How Outwest Youth Drives Success on the Road and Beyond

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At Outwest Youth, we believe in giving young people the tools they need to navigate life—sometimes quite literally. We recently caught up with three young individuals who completed our Learner Licence course to hear about their experiences and the impact it has had on their lives.

The Perfect Score: Jessica, 16

“I can’t say enough good things about the course,” says Jessica, who scored an impressive 34 out of 35 on her test. “It was well planned and simple. Thanks to Outwest, I was well-prepared and aced my learner licence test on the first go!”

Confidence to Get Behind the Wheel: Mania, 16

Mania echoes Jessica’s sentiments but adds that he might not have even attempted the test without the support from Outwest Youth. “I’m not sure I would have taken that step to get my licence then and there if it wasn’t for the Outwest team. They didn’t just help me understand the road code; they took us to get our licences. It felt like a communal journey, and that gave me the confidence to succeed.”

From Learner to Restricted: Bayden, 18

For Bayden, Outwest Youth has been a lifeline in more ways than one. “Two years ago, they helped me get my learner’s licence. Now, I have my restricted, and I owe it all to Outwest Youth and my instructor, Silas,” says Bayden. “Learning to drive with my dad was stressful; he was always critical in a way that made me lose confidence. Silas taught me in a manner where I could make mistakes, learn from them, and even laugh about it. I felt supported throughout the process.”

These stories are not just testaments to successful driving tests; they represent the broader journey of empowerment and self-reliance that Outwest Youth fosters in young people every day. From providing meticulously planned courses to fostering an environment where students can thrive, Outwest Youth is more than just a driving school—it’s a launchpad for life’s journeys.