Success Story: The Transformative Journey of Scott

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A Story of Courage, Support, and Transformation

Here at Outwest Youth Community Trust, our guiding belief is that youth flourish when they feel valued, know they belong, and have opportunities to experience success. We strive to focus on wellbeing and celebrate the unique potential of every young individual. Today, we want to share the uplifting story of a young man who goes by the name “Scott” (not his real name) to showcase the transformative power of the right support and environment.

The Challenge: Struggling with Anxiety and Isolation

Scott was going through a difficult phase when he first came into contact with our team. Battling severe anxiety, he had stopped attending school altogether. Locked away in his bedroom, he would even avoid interacting with people who were only trying to help him. Although enrolled in Alternative Education, it was a struggle to get him to take that first step and attend.

The Turning Point: First Day in Alternative Education

But we never gave up. With persistent encouragement and support from our team, Scott finally decided to show up for his first day at his new learning environment. And what a transformative day it was! Not only did Scott enjoy his time, but he also felt an immediate boost in his confidence and motivation.

The Transformation: A New Scott Emerges

Within two weeks, Scott was attending Alternative Education full-time. Three weeks in, and he was already taking the initiative to walk to and from school by himself—a big step towards self-responsibility and independence. Those who knew Scott before could hardly recognise him; they said he looked and acted like an entirely new person.

The Progress: Growing in Every Aspect

Today, Scott is not just another student; he is a thriving young individual. His attendance is exceptional, and he has shown growth in every conceivable area — be it personal goals, classroom work, physical activities, or even extracurricular involvement.

A Community Effort

Scott’s story is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together to support a young individual. We’re proud of Scott and thankful for everyone who played a part in his journey. As we continue to serve the youth in the Te Awaroa / Helensville area, we look forward to more success stories like Scott’s that reaffirm our mission and vision.