Bonding Over Baking: A Year of Growth and Friendship with Tui

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“This year has been a great year for Tui (not her real name) and me. At times her friend would also join us for our sessions. We met each week on a Tuesday for 1.5 hours. Through our conversations, I discovered that Tui loves cooking, so we have done lots of that. 

Tui has learned to make pizzas, spaghetti bolognese, porridge and omelettes. We have even created a cook book together with lots of photos of our dishes!  We have also played cards, gone to the library and walked around the lake.  We had a trip to the beach and Tui went fishing for the first time. Many conversations were had around school and friendships, family, and of late the process of court proceedings.

Tui has great support from her aunty and enjoys staying in Helensville as it gives her security and structure. She loves sport and is really great at it. Our relationship has grown over-time and it is now a common practice that we greet each other with a hug (when allowed). It has been a real pleasure to be involved with her. Such a lovely, well-mannered young lady who has so much potential in life.” 

Karlee Hohepa, Heads-Up Mentor